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7 Tips for Buying Glasses

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

What glasses suit me? or what brand should I buy? are questions that many of us ask ourselves. Today i'm going to help you find your next favourite pair of glasses by answering these questions.

Face Shape

In order to find the right glasses for you, first you must know what shape your face is. Different face shapes greatly affect the suitability of glasses designs.

There are six face shapes to be aware of: round, square, oblong, diamond, heart-shape, and oval. There are many great articles which help you recognise your face shape and I particularly recommend Birchbox's article which you can find here.

Diamond-Shape: Glasses with a thick or defined brow-line will complement diamond-shaped faces and will balance a prominent chin.

Oval: Oval faces suit most glasses styles, so why not try a fashionable round eye? Just beware of oversized frames, which can throw off your natural balance.

Heart Shape: Teacup frames have a wide or full bottom, which is perfect for balancing a smaller chin in classic heart shapes.

Round: If you have a round face, balance your natural curves with square-style glasses – making it appear longer and thinner.

Square: For square face shapes, glasses that are wider at the top, like a cool cat’s eye, will help balance a strong jawline.

Set a Price Range

Before purchasing products it's always wise to determine a budget. By doing so you can get the best value and most enjoyment out of your new glasses. Before setting your budget you may also want to research brands which appeal to you and plan your budget accordingly.

Choose a Frame Material

There's a wide variety of frame materials available for glasses which offer different benefits. Some of the materials used in our store include; Carbon fiber and titanium, for ultra-lightweight yet very durable glasses, biobased and recycled plastics, which offer environmental benefits, or shiny gunmetal for premium quality and and eye-catching aesthetic.

Searching for Comfort?

If comfort is a priority for you, look no further than spring hinge technology. Spring hinges, also known as flex hinges, perfectly fit to the contours of your face and provide superior comfort. However, they are known for suffering from durability issues, so be sure to handle your glasses with extra care. You can do this by keeping your glasses in the provided case when not in use and inspecting the glasses for any defects regularly.

Buy from a Great Brand

There are many glasses brands which offer poor quality and durability which ultimately leave their customers disappointed. By researching a brand's reliability before purchase you improve your chance of avoiding buyers remorse when your new glasses arrive. In our store we only sell glasses from brands with proven track records and offer great products. My favourite brands include Etnia-Barcelona, Eco-Eyewear, Neubau and Serengeti.

Buy the Right Sunglasses Lens

Many brands selling sunglasses incorporate different technologies into their lenses in order to achieve a unique seeing experience. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each technology.

Polarized: eliminates glare, enhances contrast, improved clarity, reduces eye strain. However, they're not ideal for pilots using digital instrument panels.

Photochromic technology: lenses adapt to changing light conditions.

Spectral Control Technology: reduces blue light transmission, enhances details and colours.

Prizm technology: enhances colour and contrast.

Glasses and the Environment

If you're conscious about the environment then you should definitely consider sustainable glasses. Brands including Eco-Eyewear and Neubau offer eco-friendly frames and cases so that you can reduce your carbon footprint. These frames are typically recycled or biobased yet still provide high quality. If you're interested in sustainable glasses then learn more here.

Now that you're ready to buy your next pair of glasses, why not browse our products?

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